Detoxing Tea for Weight Loss – The Red Tea Detox (2018 New Product)!

Consuming detox tea is a great way to help your body to get rid of build-up toxic waste which we’re expose to everyday. From the air we breathe to the food we eat. By getting rid of toxins your body will be cleanse or detoxified, your digestive system will be improved, you’ll be able to reach your weight loss goals along with many other benefits which are outlined below. Using detox tea has proven to be very beneficial for optimal weight loss when used along with a healthy diet plan like a smoothie diet. As build-up toxins may stall or prevent weight loss success. There is a new detoxing tea for weight loss which is increasingly gaining popularity and transforming lives since it was launched. The recipe for this Red Tea is the foundation for The Red Tea Detox program. I have done research about the product and have put together this article which will provide you with the need to know information about this detox tea’s benefits, effectiveness and how it helps to transform your body.Detoxing Tea for Weight Loss

Product Name: The Red Tea Detox
Where to Buy The Red Tea Detox: The Red Tea Detox Official Website
Price: $37 (The Red Tea Detox Program + 4 FREE Bonuses)
My Rating: 9 out of 10

The Red Tea Detox Overview

The Red Tea Detox is a new detoxing program created to help the body shed weight quickly and safely. This program was created by Elizabeth (Liz) Swann Miller a naturopath and best-selling Amazon author who has helped thousands of women and men lose weight and reclaim their health, well-being, and happiness. She is also the creator of the popular “The Red Smoothie Detox Factor”.Detoxing Tea for Weight LossNevertheless, The Red Tea Detox was designed to enhance the speed at which the body eliminates harmful toxins and help with curbing symptoms associated with the cause of toxins such as low energy levels, digestive issues, low mental focus, headaches and insomnia along with other health issues. This program claims to help almost anyone lose 14lbs in just 14 days. The Red Tea Detox isn’t just about drinking tea. It provides a detoxification solution that makes it easy for your body to remove toxins. Red tea will help to boost energy level so that you don’t feel tired. It also helps you to cope with the symptoms and side effects caused by detoxification.

The Red Tea Detox plan comes with the following:

  • Guide on how to make the Red Tea Recipe.
  • A 14 day meal plan (provides a list of energy-rich foods you can eat to help your body burn fat faster).
  • An exercise guide (provides you with a variety of supercharged exercises you can do while on The Red Tea Detox).
  • A motivational booklet (with vital facts on how to keep motivated to transform your life and lose weight).

In order for The Red Tea Detox to be effective you’ll need to follow three steps. A slight change to the steps can affect how successful your end results are. What are the steps and how does it works?

Detoxing Tea for Weight Loss

How The Red Tea Detox Works

There are three steps which are to be carried out for the method to be effective and successful. These steps will ensure that your body is in optimal health, happier and energetic while getting rid of harmful elements.

  1. Dieting. The dieting part of The Red Tea Detox enhances your metabolism and reduce toxin in the body. This part of the program is divided in four phases. Detoxing Tea for Weight LossEach phase is different and reflects your progress in the detox program. Each phase helps your body burn fat naturally so that you lose weight safely, efficiently, and in a healthy manner. Once you purchase the program you’ll have access to the full diet plan with energy-rich foods you can eat to help your body burn fat faster. You’ll also be regularly drinking the red tea in this step so you’ll get a recipe guide for making the Red Tea.
  2. Working Out. We all know that one can lose weight by working out on a regular basis. Detoxing Tea for Weight LossHowever, by incorporating exercise in the program it helps to provide much better results at the end. You’ll also be able to boost your metabolism by working out regularly. The program claims that this step combined with the dieting step have great potential to even double the weight loss results you’ll received. Along with a full diet plan, you’ll also receive a variety of supercharged exercise guide which tells you what exercises to do.
  3. Motivation. This step is vital. Whenever you have a positive mind-set you’re sure to have the yearning to achieve success.Detoxing Tea for Weight Loss Before even beginning the program you’ll need to be motivated to start it.  Motivated enough to want to get rid of toxins which may be hindering your weight loss efforts. Along with a full diet plan and a list of supercharged exercises, you’ll also receive a motivational booklet with important facts about the myths about willpower and how motivation can transform your life and weight loss.

Once you start looking and feeling better, you will be more motivated to continue with the program. The idea is that at the end of the program you’ll be able to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Origins of The Red Tea

The idea of The Red Tea Detox and origins of the Red Tea is from Africa. An African Shaman discovered this ancient Red Tea recipe and realized that this tea can boost energy levels and eliminate hunger and thirst. The creator of The Red Tea Detox, Elizabeth (Liz) Swann Miller claims that she came across the red tea while in Africa on a trip. During her trip she said she was able to lose 1 pound a day, totally to 14 pounds in 14 days. She goes on to say that she risk her life in a remote African wilderness to retrieve the Red Tea recipe.

Benefits of The Red TeaDetoxing Tea for Weight Loss

Red Tea can be very beneficial to our health and provides several benefits to people who consume it. Below are the many health benefits of consuming Red Tea.

  1. Hydrates the Body. Not all liquid form or beverages consumed helps with hydration. Some even influences dehydration, for example soda, coffee or alcohol. You’ll find that consuming Red Tea contributes to hydration. Hydration helps to ensure that your body functions properly. All organs relies on hydration to work properly.
  2. Helps with Digestion. Helps your digestive system to get back to a normal and healthy state. Your body will be able to reset its digestive balance. As the Red Tea will help to reduce the impact a modern day diet has on your system.
  3. Easy to Make. With a busy lifestyle who would want to embark on a weight loss journey that entails putting in hours to prepare meals. Red Tea is very easy to make and only takes a few minutes. Not much cleaning up is required after making the tea.
  4. Good Taste. Though Red Tea consists of all natural ingredients, no added sugar etc. it has a very pleasant and refreshing taste. The flavor is very rich and has a zingy taste.
  5. Helps with Weigh Loss. One way Red Tea encourages weight loss is by suppressing and controlling hunger. Another way it helps is by increasing metabolism. This tea also enhances your body’s ability to absorb nutrients needed for healthy weight loss.
  6. Detoxifies the Body. Our body can become filled with toxins simply through the water we drink, air we breathe or even the food we eat. Consuming Red Tea helps in the cleansing of the body from within by eliminating build-up toxins. Red tea can speed up the detoxification process in an effective manner. Through detoxification your immune system will be improved, allergies issues may disappear, increased energy levels, improved skin health, mental clarity and prevents cancer and other medical conditions.

The Red Tea Ingredients

The primary ingredient used to make Red Tea is called rooibos. Rooibos is also known as red tea and is native of South Africa.Detoxing Tea for Weight Loss It is high in antioxidants called aspalathin and nothofagin which help to regulate blood sugar, reduce stress and excessive fat production and obstruct metabolic disorders. This plant is readily available for purchase almost everywhere.

The other ingredients used to make the Red Tea will be undisclosed for the purpose of the program and is undisclosed to the general public unless you purchase the program. Once you get the program you’ll be provided with the full Red Tea Recipe. The ingredients used to make the Red Tea is completely natural. The Red Tea contains a number of herbs that provide a wide range of health benefits. The ingredients are all common and can be found in nearly any store. You will need to brew the tea according to the special recipe for optimal results.

Pros and Cons

There are many reasons why you should try The Red Tea Detox. The many reasons you should try The Red Tea Detox certainly prevail over the cons. Both pros and cons are listed below.


  • The Red Tea Detox promotes overall bodily health while aiding with weight loss.
  • Backed by science.
  • The Red Tea you’ll brew is made with 100% natural ingredients.
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Regular Discount on Sales.
  • You’ll get four free bonus products with your order.
  • Thousands of satisfied customers.
  • Affordably priced.
  • Suitable for Vegans or Vegetarians.
  • Fast Delivery.
  • Easy to follow guides to help you to be successful.


  • Only available for purchase online.
  • All the Ingredients needed to make the Red Tea is only made known once the program is purchased.
  • You may experience minor side effects while your body begins detoxification. Minor side effects such as tiredness, rashes, headache, food cravings and mental fog.
  • For the program to be successful and effective you need to follow the steps given. A slight change can affect the success of your end results.
    Detoxing Tea for Weight Loss

Customers Testimonials

Knowing about The Red Tea Detox, its benefits, how it works and its pros and cons are all important facts to know to determine if you should try it. Another important factor is to get feedback from customers who have used the program. Take a look at what customers are saying.

Detoxing Tea for Weight Loss

Detoxing Tea for Weight Loss

Detoxing Tea for Weight Loss

Video Testimonials

Should You Get It?

At times we change our diets, consume less calories, exercise regularly but are still not able to successfully lose weight. One of the main causes for this is build-up toxins. Build-up toxins can make it very hard for you to lose weight as your cells may not only be full of fat but also full of toxins.  You’ll need to address this situation in order to burn those so called “stubborn fat” so as to lose weight.

You can try to avoid toxins are much as possible but because toxins are everywhere from the air we breathe to the water we drink, your body is continually exposed to harmful toxins. Detoxing from time to time is very essential to improve your health and to lose weight.

While The Red Tea Detox is not a magic solution for weight loss, it does provides effective results in a quick time but you’ll have to make a commitment that you want to succeed.  Based on the research I’ve done involving customers testimonials and solid information about the product benefits, uses and success, I’ll say it’s a program that anyone can surely benefit from. As stated, all orders comes with a 60 day money back guarantee so you need not to worry. If you’re not satisfied you have basically two months to request a refund and it will be provided.

Detoxing Tea for Weight LossIf you have any questions, want to know additional information about The Red Tea Detox or if you would like to share your own personal review, please leave your requests or thoughts in the comment field below.


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