8 Widely Used Commercial Blenders for Smoothies

Commercial blenders are industrial type blenders with very high performance. Commercial blenders are very powerful, fast and efficient at breaking down any tough or hard ingredients. This is mainly due to the size and speed of the motor. There are commercial blenders available with up to 2000 watts. There are quite a few great commercial blenders for smoothies. These commercial blenders easily and quickly liquidize any ingredients, including ice cubes, hard root vegetables, frozen fruits, nuts, seeds, fruits and grains. These kinds of blenders are able to endure a lot of use for an extended period of time. The price of commercial blenders are usually far much costly than average blenders. They do come with a very good warranty package though. If cost is a concern for you, the good news is that there are still great blender options out there that can consistently and efficiently make smoothies. Check out my earlier article on great small blenders for smoothies. But if money is not a concern of yours then continue reading to assess the best commercial blenders out there so that you can make an informed purchasing decision. The commercial blenders on this list are some of the most widely used and have a lot of satisfied customers and positive reviews.

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Small Blenders for Smoothies – Top 6 Best

Over the years the design of blenders have changed from the traditional countertop blenders to small and portable blenders. Many small blenders have a jar which rest on top of the motor for processing. These small blenders are very convenient and can easily be taken along with you. You might think that small blenders aren’t able to handle the job of making smoothies like a high power traditional countertop blender. But the fact is, there are high performance small blenders for smoothies too.The type of small blender you choose to make your smoothies can have an impact on the consistency of your smoothies. Small blenders with less quality and low power may not thoroughly blend ingredients and may make your smoothies grainy. I have prepared a list of the top 6 best small blenders which can help you to make creamy smoothies that you can enjoy. I have taken into consideration the features to look for when buying a blender, as mentioned in an earlier post.

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