Buying a Blender for Smoothies: How to Choose

If you have ever wondered why you’re smoothies don’t look like the ones you’ve seen in the stores, on TV or even at a friend’s home. Then it could because of the blender you are using. The taste of the smoothies may also be affected by not using the right blender. Some blenders even have a smoothie settings. Nevertheless, there are many factors to consider when buying a blender for smoothies. Having the right blender to make your smoothies will do a better job at thoroughly and finely mincing your ingredients to make your smoothies creamier. Here are some features to look for when buying the perfect blender to make your smoothies.

Blender Speed and Power

Buying a Blender for SmoothiesIf you want to make creamy smoothies or if you’re going to be making smoothies regularly then you will need a high speed blender. The more powerful the blender the creamier your smoothies. Using a high powered blender will make it less work for you. You won’t need to prepare ingredients by cutting, chopping, grinding, grating or mashing before adding them to the blender. Blenders with powerful speed are able to liquidize any hard fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, hard vegetables, frozen ingredients and ice within a short time. The mixture provided by the blended ingredients will be so consistent and smooth without unwanted lumps or particles. A high speed or high performance blender is known by the size and power of its motor. The higher the wattage of the blender the more powerful it is. A low watt blender won’t be able to handle hard, thick or frozen ingredients. The average blender has 300 to 600 watts of power while a high power blender has at least 700 watts of power to over 1000 watts of power.

Pitcher Material and Capacity

Buying a Blender for SmoothiesMost of the cheaper blender’s pitchers are made from food grade hardened plastic, which are light and chip resistant. Others are made from glass. A glass pitcher is far more durable than a plastic pitcher, will not absorb the scent of foods (like a plastic pitcher) and is easier to clean. Pitchers with stainless steel are even easier to clean, more durable and outlast plastic and glass pitchers. Smoothies in stainless steel pitchers are able to keep cool for a longer period, though more expensive than the other pitcher materials.

At times you may need to make larger servings of smoothies. Whether it is that you want to make enough to serve you for a period or you want to share with friends or family. So having a larger pitcher size makes it easier to make more than a few servings of smoothie at a time. The pitcher capacity for a portable blender ranges from 8 ounces to 24 ounces while the pitcher size for a counter-top blender ranges from 64 ounces to 80 ounces.


Always check the warranty of the blender you choose to purchase. Inferior and less expensive blenders normally has a 1 year warranty. Buying a Blender for SmoothiesWhile quality, high performance blenders has up to 7 years warranty. So ensure the blender you decide to purchase has the manufacturer’s confidence and comes with a decent warranty.


Always check to see what users are saying about the brand you choose to purchase. Buying a Blender for SmoothiesLook for online reviews either through the brand’s website or via other websites from other users. Looking for reviews from other sources except the brand’s website may provide you with a more thorough review. From the good experiences to the bad experiences while using the product.

Tamping Tool (Optional)

Having a tamping tool is rather optional when looking for a blender to make your smoothies.Buying a Blender for Smoothies Only some blenders come with a tamping tool. A tamping tool is used to push ingredients toward the processing blade for blending. The tamping tool is made in a way so that it does not make contact with the processing blade. A tamping tool is inserted in an opening at the top of the blender and is not long enough to touch the processing blades. So instead of having to remove the covering from the blender to insert a spoon or any other kitchen utensils that may damage the blades. It would be easier to use a tamping tool to push ingredients further down the blender for processing.


Price will definitely be a significant factor for many when choosing the perfect blender. Prices are set based on the size, quality and condition of the blender. Buying a Blender for SmoothiesThe sizes of blenders will vary as there are portable blenders available to make smoothies as well as traditional counter-top blenders. There is also this new type of hand held blender on the market called immersion blender. This blender is cheaper than most blenders on the market, easy to handle and portable. This blender is also very useful but may not be well suited for making smoothies. As ice and hard textured vegetables may not be crushed and finely chopped to make your smoothies creamy. Some inferior and less expensive portable and counter-top blenders are also not able to perform the mentioned functions.

The parts and materials used for certain blenders are inferior is quality. While some blenders are sold as new others are sold as certified refurbished. These additional factors will determine the cost of blenders. So do keep these factors in mind if considering to purchase a cheaper blender.

Buying a Blender for SmoothiesThe cost of portable blenders ranges from as low as $15 to as high as $400. The price of traditional counter-top blenders ranges from $15 to $900. If your go for cheaper blenders then you may need to prepare your ingredients before adding them to the blender. You may need to grind, chop, mash, grate or cut ingredients in smaller pieces beforehand. If you decide to invest in an expensive blender then make sure you are dedicated to making smoothies for a long time. Or you may just go for a blender that is not too cheap nor too pricey. Do look for reviews on the blender you choose to buy and consider the other features stated in this article.

To make the perfect smoothie you will need a good blender. Not all blenders are created the same. It is better to use a good blender for making smoothies than one which is inferior in quality. In the long run, it will save you less preparation time, maybe less money and you’re smoothies will taste and look the way it should. Choose a blender with the mentioned features yet still within your budget. Not using the right blender may cause your smoothies to be less creamy. Ingredients may not be properly chopped and may be visible in your smoothie mixture. Powerful blenders are available everywhere, at your local appliance store, online stores like Amazon and even in some supermarkets. Once you’ve gotten the right blender start looking for good smoothie recipes you can try or come up with some amazing recipes on your own. Be creative. At the end of the day, it’s all about your health and not about the most or least expensive blender.


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6 thoughts on “Buying a Blender for Smoothies: How to Choose

  1. Great post Sara. I like to make smoothies all the time and i have a high powered one. Just a few seconds and all the ingredients are grated to a consistency that I want. You are right, we need to choose a good quality blender if we want better results. I have a thick glass and a big one so I have everything I need.

  2. So interesting – I had no idea why there was such a big price difference between blenders, but I’ve thought about it so many times. I’m a smoothie-holic…if that’s a word -and I make my smoothie almost every day after a workout…now mine is pretty inexpensive – about $30 I think – I notice that at least the ingredients, like the strawberries and frozen banana do get chopped up better than the previous one I had, in which sometimes an entire piece of strawberry would pour out into my cup! I didn’t realize that a cheap blender would require you to prepare ingredients ahead of time as opposed to an expensive one allowing you to just throw in the ingredients without having to do that. I definitely will be looking into the quality and features of specific blenders next time I make a purchase. Thanks for this!

  3. I have an old Vitamix blender that my sister found at a garage sale. It must have a really powerful motor because it blends better than any blender I’ve ever used. The only thing is that it has started to leak and is now kind of rusty on the bottom. I’m not sure if maybe I could just purchase a new pitcher or if its fixable.

    I’ve never seen a stainless steel pitcher but I really like that option and will keep it in mind when I’m ready to get a new one. Thanks for the great post!

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