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Hi and welcome to my site about smoothies for losing weight!About Me

I will be sharing low calorie smoothie recipes for weight loss, fat burning smoothie ingredients and smoothie meal plan for weight loss that can help you keep off and lose weight. I will also share my personal experience of how a smoothie diet helped me to lose 28 pounds in a short time; basically I will be sharing my smoothie diet results.

I had tried several weight loss methods before and I always had a hard time completing those methods; either because I was mostly starved or it took months for me to see some results. But then, I found an article about how a smoothie diet with low calorie recipes is a great way to lose weight as it is packed full with nutrients, tasty and fills one up.

I wanted to get back to my high school weight of 120 pounds as soon as possible without extreme diets and exercise. So I started doing further research (like you are) and found the smoothie diet appealing; so I began researching: can I lose weight with smoothies? What smoothies help you lose weight? Best smoothies for weight loss….. All the results found were motivating and positive so I started and followed a weight management strategy with healthy power smoothie recipes for weight loss that allowed me to reach my weight loss goals in a very short time.

Hence, I created this site to help you and to share information about how to get started with a smoothie diet.

Please ensure that you check out my latest posts and re-visit this site for future updates and posts.

Get started on your weight loss journey today.