3 Great Whole Grains for Smoothies

Grains are packed with fiber and help to fill us up for a longer period. It supports the health of the digestive system. Grains are available in two forms, whole and refined. Grains for SmoothiesWhole grains contain more nutrients and helps balances blood sugar levels so that we don’t get insulin spikes which will lead to food cravings. Whole grains generally help to reduce the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. While refined grains are heavily milled and processed whole grains, which lack all the nutrients and benefits which whole grains provides. Some examples of refined grains are white flour, white rice and cornmeal. There are a few perfect whole grains for smoothies which will increase its nutritional content and creates fullness. These whole grains are delicious and are easy to add to smoothies. It is always a good idea to soak whole grains in water for a few minutes to hours, before consumption or adding them to your smoothies. This will help the whole digestive system process. So let’s take a look at what whole grains to use in smoothies.

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Side Effects from Detoxing – 10 Signs To Look Out For

Before starting any weight loss journey it is a good idea to flush out any harmful toxins from your body. Toxins have found their way into our bodies in the least expected ways. Toxins are everywhere, they are found in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. So it is almost impossible to avoid toxins as we are continually exposed to them. Build up toxins prevents the body from absorbing essential nutrients which the body needs. The way to get rid of toxins from the body is through detoxification. Detoxing helps to improves ones health and helps with weight loss. There are no health risk involved in detoxing, you be able to feel and look your best. However, you may experience are a few minor side effects from detoxing. Side Effects from DetoxingThe side effects can be mild or severe, depending on your body’s toxicity level. Before finding and starting any detoxification method it is good to know what you’re in for; so that you don’t panic and go hysterical. The detox side effects you’ll personally experience depends on how toxic your body is and how sensitive your body is to the change. Here are the most common side effects from detoxing.

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8 Widely Used Commercial Blenders for Smoothies

Commercial blenders are industrial type blenders with very high performance. Commercial blenders are very powerful, fast and efficient at breaking down any tough or hard ingredients. This is mainly due to the size and speed of the motor. There are commercial blenders available with up to 2000 watts. There are quite a few great commercial blenders for smoothies. These commercial blenders easily and quickly liquidize any ingredients, including ice cubes, hard root vegetables, frozen fruits, nuts, seeds, fruits and grains. These kinds of blenders are able to endure a lot of use for an extended period of time. The price of commercial blenders are usually far much costly than average blenders. They do come with a very good warranty package though. If cost is a concern for you, the good news is that there are still great blender options out there that can consistently and efficiently make smoothies. Check out my earlier article on great small blenders for smoothies. But if money is not a concern of yours then continue reading to assess the best commercial blenders out there so that you can make an informed purchasing decision. The commercial blenders on this list are some of the most widely used and have a lot of satisfied customers and positive reviews.

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9 Great Nuts for Smoothies

Nuts are packaged with healthy fats which are beneficial to the body for optimal health. They are also a good source of fiber, protein, essential vitamins and minerals and do have antioxidant properties.  Fat for SmoothiesMost nuts are good for you and promote good health. Each nut adds specific nutrients and provides benefits to the body. Nuts make an essential addition to smoothies. When nuts are used in smoothies it helps to control appetite and curb hunger because of their fiber, protein and fat content, which slowly digest in the stomach. Nuts not only help to make your smoothies more filling but also help to make them tasty and creamier. To aid with digestion, you may soak nuts before adding them to your smoothies. There are quite a few good nuts for smoothies, here are some of the best and most beneficial ones to include in your diet.

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