Small Blenders for Smoothies – Top 6 Best

Over the years the design of blenders have changed from the traditional countertop blenders to small and portable blenders. Many small blenders have a jar which rest on top of the motor for processing. These small blenders are very convenient and can easily be taken along with you. You might think that small blenders aren’t able to handle the job of making smoothies like a high power traditional countertop blender. But the fact is, there are high performance small blenders for smoothies too.The type of small blender you choose to make your smoothies can have an impact on the consistency of your smoothies. Small blenders with less quality and low power may not thoroughly blend ingredients and may make your smoothies grainy. I have prepared a list of the top 6 best small blenders which can help you to make creamy smoothies that you can enjoy. I have taken into consideration the features to look for when buying a blender, as mentioned in an earlier post.

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How to Freeze Kale – Perfect for Smoothies and Other Recipes

Kale is a beautiful nutrient dense superfood which is a part of the cabbage family. Kale is a good source of antioxidants, iron, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin K, calcium, vitamin C and potassium. This nutrient dense plant is said to fight cancer, protects the eyes, detoxifies the body, prevents bone loss, fights inflammation and supports cardio vascular health. As with any vegetables, the smooth and crispy kale leaves can go bad very quickly. How to Freeze KaleIt all depends on its shelf life when purchased and the way it is stored. Having a surplus of kale may lead you to wonder what to do with the extra kale without leaving it to spoil and/or throwing it out. So it would be best to know how to store or how to freeze kale so that its shelf life can be extended. Though, kale is best consumed when fresh, the nutritional value is still the same, whether frozen or not.

If you keep kale in your refrigerator it may be good for a few days (typically 3-7 days approximately). This has also been stated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. When kale does go bad, the leaves will change color. From a beautiful dark green color to being a pale green yellowish color. The leaves will also become really soft and gooey and will often have an unpleasant odor. However, when kale is properly frozen, it can be good for 8-10 months. You may use frozen kale in smoothies, soups or sauté it. Frozen kale may not be ideal to use in salads as once defrost the texture of the kale softens and is somewhat mushy. There are two simple approaches on how to freeze kale to use in smoothies. You may freeze kale leaves or freeze kale puree. The steps for each method are detailed below.

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How to Make Smoothies without a Blender – 7 Easy Steps

Do you want to make healthy smoothies but your blender is non-functional or you just don’t have a blender? If you’ve answered yes, then I can imagine you must be frustrated wanting to know how you can make this work. How to make smoothies without a blender? Although, the ideal way to make consistent and creamy smoothies is by using a blender, it is indeed possible for you to do so without a blender.How to Make Smoothies without a Blender

The method to be presented will require you to put in a little more effort than you would, if you should use a blender. You will need to dedicate some time. It may be seen by some individuals as time consuming. But, this is your health we’re talking about so it will be worth it in the end. Plus, the more you use this method the more accustomed you’ll be at using it. If you’re always really tight on time, this may not be an ideal method for you to frequently use. In such case, it may be easier and ideal to buy a blender to make smoothies. To choose a good blender to make your smoothies, check out this article on how to choose a blender for smoothies or you may check out my list of the best blenders to make smoothies.

Have fun while going through the steps.

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6 Super Herbs for Smoothies

Not only can you use everyday fruits and vegetables to make you smoothies healthy, tasty and nutritious. You may use unique super foods to boost the benefits of your smoothies. Once you learn about them and their benefits, you’ll be sure to seek and purchase them. Herbs for SmoothiesThere are many super herbs for smoothies which can help your body get in optimal health and wellness. I have shared with you in an earlier post some of the best vegetables for smoothies, the vegetables listed are also very nutrient dense and does a lot to help your body perform at its best. The herbs to be mentioned in this article are less common and you may not come across then on a regular basis while shopping for groceries. These super herbs contain higher levels of nutrients than many other foods and are seen as super foods. I will be sharing with you some of most known super herbs which I have also used to make delicious, nutritious and filling smoothies.

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